Poster Information

Posters are a great way to accessorize any room or wall. A poster is an effective way to promote an event or idea, create awareness or simply decorate a room. There are a wide range of reasons for poster printing and why it’s so popular. We offer glossy, matte and sticker material posters. Our glossy posters are printed on 80lb gloss paper that reflects a great shine towards your image. We use high quality photo paper with matte finishes for the matte posters. Our wall stickers are a great hit, as the material goes on smoothly onto the wall and unlike certain materials our sticker poster does not leave a mess on the wall when you try taking it off. We offer a fast turn around time so that customers receive their products quickly.

Image Requirements

To obtain the best results follow the image requirement tips when submitting your design and be guaranteed an excellent Poster

  • Ensure the image size is proportionate to the canvas size
  • Use an acceptable finish for your image
  • Acceptable file formats are: JPEG, TIFF, PDF
  • Maximum size of upload 50MB

Shipping and Handling

We can ship all over Canada or have a pickup option for the Greater Toronto Area customers. Posters are custom made to individual specifications, estimated time they will be ready for shipping is within 5-7 business days. We offer three shipping options.

Priority – 1-2 business days
Express – 3-5 business days
Standard – 5-7 business days