Product Information

Solid board print has been gaining a lot of popularity. This type of printing is when a photo is mounted onto a board. We use MDF Board with high-quality photo paper to produce a great end product. Try this modern form of hanging picture as oppose to the typical photo frame to add a unique touch.

Image Requirements

Do you want a high-quality solid board print with vivid images? Follow the image requirement tips when submitting your design and be guaranteed an excellent end product.

  • Ensure your resolution is greater than 150 pixels/inch
  • Ensure the image size is proportionate to the print size
  • Acceptable file formats are: JPEG, TIFF, PDF
  • Maximum size of upload 50MB

Shipping and Handling

We ship all over Canada or have a pickup option for Greater Toronto Area customers. Solid Boards will be ready for shipping within 3-5 business days. We offer three shipping options.

Priority – 1-2 business days
Express – 3-5 business days
Standard – 5-7 business days